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Pittsburgh, PA. Braun Design Partners, provides custom architectural and interior design services for residential and commercial projects in a broad range of styles and sensibilities.

Architectural and Interior Design Services by Michael Braun and Aimee Braun

Braun Design Partner professionals are sensitive to the needs and objectives of each client, individually; including those with limited budgets. We have access to large varieties of products such as furniture, flooring, wallcovering and accessories, discounted for our clients. We can serve as project managers to ensure high-quality, timely completion of construction and installation. We are committed to providing efficient, first-rate, practical and creative solutions. Such commitment has and will continue to result in successful project completions for each of our clients. Visit Incentives

Creative Design Solutions for Limited Budgets

  • Discounts on Furniture, Cabinetry, Flooring, Wallcovering, Accessories, etc!
  • Project Management for Quality Control and Construction Integrity!
  • Efficiency, Adherence to Project Timelines and Budget!
  • We have an experienced and meticulous eye for construction quality and finishes!
  • We have the expertise to make the results better!

Not An Additional Cost

Some see our services as an additional cost. In reality, by using our services, both time and money are saved. As quoted in Qualified Remodeling Magazine, "every day and dollar spent on planning and drawing on paper, several days and dollars are saved in the field." We plan our projects so specifically, that many oversights, change orders, and time advances are eliminated. When the requests for construction bids go out, there is little question as to what the requirements of the contractors are. The bids are tighter, the project flows more smoothly. Visit Typical Project Costs (pdf)

It is all about control of the design phase, the rough construction, the finish construction and the finish materials. When these elements are coordinated properly, with the knowledge of how one part of design and construction process affects the next, the final outcome will be of the quality that we all want. Everyone makes that promise, but many fall short of fulfilling that promise. We will represent you every day to ensure that the finished product is one that you will be proud of -- one that is worth your hard earned money.

Good planning and design will make a difference in your quality of life!

Spaces are designed to enhance the quality of life, be it a residential property or commercial property. We assess things like usage patterns, traffic flow, privacy needs, lighting needs, acoustics, views, etc. Our design consultation will uncover important facts about your lifestyle, family, activities, priorities, goals and budget. The more we know and understand your family or business, the better the design will suit your needs. Whether you need to expand, renovate, redecorate, or build from scratch, call us early in the process at 412.600.4762.

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