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Pittsburgh, PA. Braun Design Partners, provides custom architectural and interior design services for residential and commercial projects in a broad range of styles and sensibilities.

Architectural Design and Interior Design Process

How do we begin a project and follow it to completion? We begin with a FREE on site design consultation.

The Design Proposal

  • Architectural Design - To create a set of design and construction documents which will serve as working drawings for construction bidding and the build out of the spaces. These drawings will include all necessary components for proper permits from the municipality.
  • Interior Design - To research and procure finished products such as cabinetry, fixtures, lighting, flooring, paint colors, etc.

The Design Process

  • Survey the existing spaces through measuring and photographic documentation
  • Gather client information for determining the use of the space
  • Analyze the best possibilities for the use of the space
  • Architectural Design and Interior Design meetings as needed
  • Design and construction documents will be developed for review and permitting. Drawings include the following:
      • Existing Conditions Plan
      • Demolition Plan
      • Preliminary Designs
      • Final Design
      • Construction Plan
      • Reflected Ceiling Plan
      • Electrical / Telephone / Cable Plan
      • Flooring Plan
      • Finish Plan
      • Cabinetry and Furniture Plan
      • Elevations
      • All necessary and appropriate details
      • Product Specifications

Designed to Code

Some states, counties and municipalities have their own codes, zoning requirements and building regulations. We contact your local building departments and make sure that our designs comply with local ordinances and codes. This will allow the contractors to obtain the proper permits for construction and set up several required inspections as the building progresses.

Construction Administration (Overseeing the Project)

We are demanding representatives for you, our client. Contractors may consider us bothersome because day after day we are extremely insistent on timely, meticulous construction and a clean job site. We visit the job site often, checking everything from dimensions and wall alignments to the quality of the application of the paint.

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